About The Festival

Taste the world’s best beef and seafood, with authentic feasts, tastings, tipples and tours, celebrating the region’s produce.

Stay in gorgeous places, meet salt of the earth people, listen to great music, make new friends and explore the epic windswept land and seascapes, of this remote corner of far north west Tasmania.

Next Forage Festival - Winter 2024

About The Place

Circular Head is located in the far north western corner of Tasmania. From around the Rocky Cape Tavern in the east, to the remote property of Woolnorth in the far north west and Arthur River and the Tarkine in the south. 

It has two small towns, Smithton and Stanley, but is dotted with tiny villages and little ports. The rolling green hills, grassy coastal flats, tall forests, long deserted beaches, off shore Islands and wild seas dominate the landscape and your attention. 

Circular Head is at the edge of the world, where they breathe the cleanest air in the world, where rainfall is abundant, the wind ever present, the weather unpredictable and the seas unforgiving. On calm days the ocean looks like glass and it feels as though the world has stopped just for you. 

About The People

Windswept and interesting, salt of the earth people, whose native dress is jeans, boots, hand-knitted woolen jumpers and beanies. May also include a jacket, leather apron or waterproofs. They nearly always have wind-blown hat hair.

For generations many have built their lives around harvests from the land and sea. They’re hardworking, resourceful, innovative and welcoming.

They produce world class beef, seafood and dairy products for export markets.

There’s also a long tradition of creative responses to their environment with many fine artists and craftspeople in the area.

Some are at the cutting edge for excellence in agricultural, scientific and environmental practices.


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Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for inclusion in the Festival program all participating events must agree to all of the following.

  • Offer an excellent, authentic experience connected to the Festival’s themes
  • Have the capacity to deliver this event as promised in the program
  • Have the necessary permissions, licenses, insurances etc. to lawfully conduct this event
  • Undertake a risk assessment of this event and take mitigating measures for issues
  • Accurately count and report visitor numbers for this event, meeting festival deadlines
  • Be COVID ready to handle and track visitors, in accordance with latest health advice
  • Agree to and abide by the festival’s deadlines, processes, procedures and promises


Terms & Conditions

This opportunity is open to all prepared food sellers throughout the Circular Head municipality.

To qualify for participation in this project, participating businesses MUST

  • Prepare and present a signature dish that features local produce
  • Can be dine in or take away
  • Must make it available during your normal business hours from (11-20 Nov 22)
  • One Signature Dish ONLY per business 
  • No cost to participate
  • Business must Register their Signature Dish (with copy and images) by 1 August 2022.
  • Business must Report back to the Festival, the number & value of  dishes sold by 23rd Nov 2022.